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ThalerTech is a blockchain Technology enabeling startup

ThalerTech is a fintech company based in France

We Offer

Blockchain and Digital Currency Strategy

Support and Consult our partners to face the economic challenges of today and tomorrow such as banking inclusion, transaction traceability, regulation, account audits, data confidentiality, security, electronic identities


Technical Development & Implementation

Define the most relevant approach for Blockchain experiments 
Incubate & Promote the different Blockchain technologies and protocols and Introduce the frameworks of distributed ledgers 

Research & Development

ThalerTech have launched and pilot a « Hyperledger Middle East » community which will gather the various technological actors and financial institutions with the goal of collectively developing  Blockchain R&D, cryptography & artificial intelligence 


The Next Generation of permissioned blockchain platform 

We are building  permissioned blockchain platform to help businesses and financial institutions manage digital assets.




ThalerTech supports all public and private stakeholders in the process of transforming and optimizing the technology of their infrastructures allowing them to issue and manage tokens, digital currencies, and assets.

Digital Assets

ThalerTech has deep understanding of blockchain technology and also how to make user applications that can take full advantage of blockchain. One of the most common use cases for blockchain is the management of digital assets, such as currencies, points, or any kind of countable asset.


Central Bank Digital Currency 

Enabling central banks to issue digital currency, our technology powers an instrument that has the same legal tender status as banknotes and coins. it's secure, transparent, and efficient.

In addition, our end-to-end solution for cash digitization can be deployed as a national payment system with low cost performance, without compromising security or the need to deploy additional financial infrastructure

Digital Identity

T-identity is a  secure way to share personal information, validate it, and prove an identity in a digital environment. it gives users control over their own data.



La FRENCH TECH partner


Thaler the original name for dollar

« Thaler » is a currency that was previously used in Europe starting from the 15th century. At the end of the 16th century, « Thaler » became an international currency, with the name ‘dólar’ in Latin America. Later on, its name evolved to ‘dollar’. 


Contact us

France office

113 rue Edouard Vaillant, 92300 Levallois-Perret*

Lebanon office

Mathaf, Beirut

KSA office

 Al-Qouds, exit 10 prince Saud Alkabir Street ‏Postal: ‏Riyadh 11553 ‏P.O.Box 51629

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